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Solar lamp


  • Can be used as desk, ceiling, wall or portable light.
  • Can charge mobile phones due to its integrated USB-port.
  • Operating time can be controlled through three levels of lighting from 5.3 hours with 290 lumen to 150 hours with 10 lumen.
  • Efficient LED lamps combined with a powerfli lithium-ion battery and a micro processor control provide long durability.
  • Features a practical remote control that can be used as a torch too.
  • Tough housing is waterproof and also fluorescent at night. An intelligent control and status display indicating burn out time.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Panel Service life of 25 years.
  • Battery service life of 5 years replaceable.


Polycrystalline silicon Solar Panels

  • 20Watts • 35Watts • 40Watts • 60Watts • 80Watts • 100Watts • 120Watts
  • 150Watts • 185Watts • 200Watts • 250Watts • 300Watts


19'' Solar DC LED TV

SunPoynt TV is a solar-powered television that hooks up to a regular car battery. This innovative home-entertainment system is really easy to install. Main features. 10 hours of television. Lights and cell phone charging every night. This is based on using a 20Ah battery. The normal size of a car battery is 40Ah. This means that you can even use a re-furbished or a used car battery to get your 6 hours of usage. The contents of the SunPoynt TV package include a 19” LED Television, an optional decoder, a charge-regulator, solar panel, cabling and two high-intensity 3 Watt LED lights.


Simply install the solar panel in the sun, run your cables to the room where you are setting up and plug these into the regulator. The regulator connects to the battery where the charge will be stored. The TV, decoder, lights and a port to charge your cell phone, all run from the regulator, giving you access to technology wherever you are.

Watch television with Sun Power
Charge a Cell phone
2 x Lights for replacing candles and paraffin lamps
Works for 6 hours every night – based on a 20Ah battery
Can work with digital terrestrial decoder or satellite decoder
Use your own battery • A recycled car battery can be used
Solar panel included will charge the battery.
19’’ LED 12V TV with remote control
2 x LED lights with 6m cable with light switches
Cell phone charger connector for almost any cell phone
Solar panel with cable and bracket
Efficient solar charge regulator will protect your battery against overcharging and running flat
Antenna (optional) / Decoder (optional) Battery NOT included
18.5” LED 12V TV
52W monocrystalline solar PV panel
10A solar charge controller
2 x 3W LED light bulbs
Optional: Digital terrestrial TV antenna
Optional: Android set top box
500mA USB port for charging cell phones
Solar panel: >15 years
LED bulb/tube: 25 000 hours
Controller: >12 years